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    Authentic walk with a vintner (vineyard-cellar)

    Walk through the historic center of Svätý Jur into a vineyard with a view to the the town. The tasting starts right in the vineyard where the grapes are born. We present the place, history, wine-growing tradition and create space for guests to informally discuss things that interest you about wine. We continue with a tour of the wine making technology and “barrel tasting” in the historic Renaissance house cellar.

    Number of persons 2 3-5 6-9 10<
    Price/ person 67€ 48€ 34€ 29€

    At the vintner’s table

    Tasting with dinner in the Renaissance house in a new cellar with a large massive table. Applicable for small groups.

    • Duration of 3+ hours
    • 7 wine samples + welcome drink and barrel tasting
    • “cold” food from local products, appetizer
    • Warm dinner – local menu of your choice
    • Max. 10 people
    Number of persons 2 3-5 6-10
    Price/ person 94€ 68€ 59€

    Tasting in the cellar

    Basic wine tasting in the unique historical premises of the Renaissance house.

    • Duration 1 hour
    • 5 wine samples
    • “Cold” food from local products
    • Min. 2 – max. 50 people
    Number of persons 2 3-5 6-9 10<
    Price/ person 45€ 32€ 28€ 22€

    Bread and wine

    Wine tasting associated with baking a bread in a traditional bread oven. Every guest has the opportunity to bake their own loaf of fresh bread in a workshop in collaboration with a baker. And at the same time get to know wine production and taste a collection of natural wines with a wine maker. A tour of the Renaissance house is a part of it.

    • Duration 3 hours
    • Baking bread in a traditional wood oven
    • 7 wine samples
    • “Cold” food
    • Min. 25 – max. 50 people
    • Price: 28 € / person

    My bottle – bottle worskshop

    Handmade-created wine bottles in a traditional way. The visitor uses a jack to fill his bottle with the wine, and he can write his text, link or greeting on the pre-prepared label and apply it to the bottle. He packs it in a box and takes away the original memory with him.

    Price: 15 € / piece

    DUBoDOM – adventure accommodation on the tree

    In the tree crown above the vineyard, on the terrace under the stars, with wine with friends. I’m an oak and a house. Accommodation in a cottage on a tree above the vineyard with a view of Svätý Jur. Tasting our wines and local specialties.

    Accommodation for 1- 4 people

    Complete equipped house with electricity and flowing drinking water, small kitchen, terrace with grill, wine cooler and small surprises for pleasure spent at DUBoDOM. In case of interest, guests can rent e-bikes with discount.

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